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Founded in 2001, IsleChem LLC provides its chemical products and services to the U.S. marketplace and to over 20 countries internationally. IsleChem's core businesses include: Chemical Manufacturing; contract Research and Development (R&D); Analytical Services; and Technical and Support Services.

12/21/2020 Important News

IsleChem is Aquired by Aceto

Press release can be found here.

Chemical Manufacturing

IsleChem focuses on the development and manufacture of performance products with demanding quality requirements required by the pharmaceutical, agricultural, medical, automotive and electronics industries. Service to these industries requires expertise in complex chemistry, advanced analytical procedures and the handling of challenging chemicals. Our experienced technical staff has developed a distinguished record of innovation in these industries served by the company.

Contract Research and Development

Contract R&D has been a cornerstone of the company since its inception. From exploratory chemistry to process scale-up and optimization, IsleChem serves clients who, on a strictly confidential basis, wish to access the experience and expertise of the professional staff. These clients "own" the technology that is developed while under contract with IsleChem.

Analytical Services

IsleChem's analytical services team is characterized by an experienced technical staff and an extensive array of equipment designed to handle routine analytical analyses, complex analytical analyses, and "forensic" chemical investigations. Areas of expertise include chemical characterization; polymer characterization; trace analysis of complex mixtures; analytical methods development; and quality assurance.

Technical and Support Services

IsleChem provides contract technical and support services to those clients who elect to outsource this activity. Services include generation and maintenance of product literature, specifications, MSDS services, on-site customer support and sample service in accordance with DOT and IATA regulations.



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ISO 9001 certified for the Manufacture of Alkyl Acid Phosphate Esters by NSF-ISR

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