Specialty Monomers, Polymers and Conformal Coatings

IsleChem manufactures a variety of specialty monomers, polymers and catalysts. These products are client-specific in nature, developed and manufactured to exacting specifications for demanding applications, utilized in the molding of complex parts and as conformal coatings.

  • Parylene Precursers
  • Specialty Monomers and Polymers
  • Catalysts
  • Isolox CC, Polyimide Siloxanes

Isolox CC, IsleChem's polyimide siloxane clear conformal coating, is designed to improve the reliability of discrete and integrated circuit devices by providing impenetrable moisture protection. As a post-assembly die coat, this extremely high purity material provides stress relief at the die surface. The Isolox polymer offers excellent adhesion to most substrates. It can be dispersed, sprayed, brushed or dipped onto the product to be protected.

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