and Scale-Up

IsleChem performs Contract R&D and Scale-Up for customers from a wide variety of industries. This segment of IsleChem's business involves work at both the bench scale and pilot plant scale. Depending on the client's needs, sample compounds are prepared, ranging in quantity from a few grams to several kilograms. All work is done on a strictly confidential basis. The resulting intellectual property is owned by the client.

The client receives a technical package which contains the following deliverables:

  • a complete review of the technical literature
  • a clearly defined chemistry route to the desired compound
  • a compilation of the analytical chemistry methods
  • safety information including MSDS preparation
  • indicative process cost information

IsleChem maintains chemistry expertise in a broad range of specialties including:

  • chlorination (radical and ionic)
  • alkylation
  • cyanation
  • Grignard addition
  • organo-metallic chemistry
  • thiation
  • nano-materials
  • hydrofluorination
  • halogen exchange
  • polymerization
  • glycidation
  • esterification
  • imidization

IsleChem has complete pilot facilities to allow scale up of processes developed by IsleChem or from a client's technical package. The equipment briefly consists of a variety of glass-lined and monel reactors, glass and nickel distillation systems, solids separation and handling equipment, and associated auxiliary equipment. All of the systems are capable of computer data acquisition and, when necessary, operate 24 hours/day, seven days/week. Reactor capacity varies from 1 to 500 gallons.

The pilot scale operation provides the following deliverables:

  • process optimization data
  • process design data
  • pre-production sample quantities
  • refined cost estimates



Superior Service
Experienced Personnel
State-of-the-Art Equipment
100 L Glass Reactor for small volume production
10 Tray 22 L Oldershaw column for process development work
1 Gallon High Pressure Reactor
Manufacturing route evaluation by chemist and engineers
Organometallic production unit - rotovar system
Small reactors for project scale up
50 L Rotovap in pyrophorric materials area
30 L reactors for process development
Large Laboratory equipment for scaling up to multiple kg amounts

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