IsleChem provides technical and support services of a diverse nature to a broad spectrum of clients.

Services currently provided include...

  • Generating and maintaining product literature
  • Developing commercial product specifications
  • MSDS services
  • Handling customer product inquiries
  • Resolving product-related complaints
  • Sample Service (maintaining inventory, preparing samples, packaging and distributing products)
  • Conducting product shelf-life studies
  • Maintaining a U.S. presence for foreign companies
  • Providing start-up assistance and consultation
  • Providing on-site setup of instrumentation and analytical equipment
  • Engineering process design
  • Conducting data review and validation
  • Providing "forensic" chemical analysis and identification of "unknown" species

The diversity of the above list reflects the confidence that clients have in the experience and ingenuity of the IsleChem professional staff. If you have a problem, big or small, pick up the phone and take advantage of IsleChem's unique problem-solving capability.

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