OXSOL 100®

Under its partnership agreement with the Makhteshim Agan North America group (MANA), IsleChem provides Technical Service for OXSOL 100® both domestically and for international customers. This support includes providing data, samples and all regulatory information for this VOC-exempt product.

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Analytical and Sample Services

IsleChem provides technical service for the sodium silicate product line of a major U.S. chemical company. This includes sample preparation and distribution to prospective customers, product specification data sheets, certificates of analysis, QA/QC, safety and packaging information and Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS).



Water Treatment Chemicals

As the U.S. service representative to an international water treatment company, IsleChem provides drop-ship distribution of replacement components and treatment chemicals to the domestic U.S. market. Canisters of deactivated treatment resins are received at the Grand Island facility. The canisters are emptied, cleaned, refurbished and refilled with new treatment chemicals. Deactivated resin is then properly disposed.



Process Engineering Support

With our history and expertise in process scale-up and chemical manufacturing, IsleChem, LLC is uniquely positioned to provide process engineering support for most unit operations. Our project experience covers the gamut from single unit operation consulting to the design of complete multi-step facilities for synthesis of complex molecules. With a competent staff of chemists, engineers and operators, IsleChem is able to seamlessly convert theoretical solutions to practical manufacturing solutions.



Regulatory Compliance

IsleChem provides regulatory compliance support to numerous clients. This support includes:

  • Preparation of Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)
  • Recommendations for protective safety equipment for personnel protection
  • Equipment design for laboratory and pilot-scale safety
  • Preparation of product literature
  • Recommendations for regulatory-compliant product packaging



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